Oklahoma State University

Frequently Asked Questions for Advising Center Mode


  1. How do I log into the STAR System?
    • Visit http://star.okstate.edu/ or, from within the OSU Portal (https://my.okstate.edu/),click the "Star System" icon on the Home tab.
    • Click the "STAR SYSTEM LOG IN" button on the STAR System homepage.
    • Enter your O-Key username and password.


  2. Do advisors have access to the Advising Center Mode by default?

    No, the Advising Center Mode is not part of the standard advisor-level access.  It is designed specifically for advising centers with multiple advisors in the same location who have personnel who sit at a front desk to check in and make appointments for students.  To request access to this mode, have your advisor administrator contact the STAR System coordinator for setup and training.


  3. How do I set up Advising Center Mode for a particular location?
    • Provided you have access to the Advising Center Mode, there will be an additional link labeled Advising Center at the bottom right of your screen within the Additional Modes pull-down menu.
    • Click on the Advising Center link to be taken to the location selection page.
    • Click on the button of your advising center location, and its advising center page will open.


  4. Is it possible to view the calendars of all the advisors in my center in Advising Center Mode?

    Yes. Advising Center Mode is designed to provide you with a quick scheduling view of all advisors located in your advising center in order to quickly and easily schedule an appointment with an advisor for a student.


  5. What is the best way to search for a student while in Advising Center Mode?

    A Search for a Student field is available on the left top of the page. You can enter a student name, CWID, or email address.  Entering a student's CWID is the best means to correctly locate a student.


  6. In which format should a name be entered in the student search box when it is used as the search criteria?
    • The name should be entered in the FIRSTNAME LASTNAME format.
    • Do not use LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME since the comma will be read as part of the name during the search and will not return a result.


  7. How do I view the calendars of all advisors in my center at the same time while in Advising Center Mode?

    The Availability view updates the list of advisors displaying based on the date selected.  If a particular advisor is not available on a particular date, then he/she will not appear in the display.  You will have to select a date when all advisors are available in order to see every advisor within the list.


  8. How do I view the calendar(s) of just one or more advisors at a time?

    The list of advisors available on a particular date appear at the left.  Selecting the check box(es) next to the name(s) of one or more advisors and clicking the Reload button will refresh the Availability window to include only the selected advisor(s).  Selecting fewer advisors can speed up the calendar loading process as the system will access less data.


  9. What do the different colors mean within the Availability of one or more advisors on a particular day?

    Click on date you desire in the calendar section to display that day’s schedule for the selected advisors. White spaces without a checkbox indicate the advisor is unavailable at that time.  A green space with a checkbox indicates the advisor is available for an appointment at that time.  Red, blue, or purple spaces indicate that the time slot is booked.  Clicking the link within those boxes will reveal more information about the event booked at that time.


  10. Is it possible to adjust the range of time displayed in the availability of an advisor for a particular day?

    Yes, it is possible to adjust the time range. After selecting a particular date in the time filter box, adjust the slider between the time ranges that you wish to view and then click the Reload button.


  11. What do the different Calendar Options mean?

    This pull-down menu locks and unlocks the calendar, allowing front desk staff to override unavailable or previously booked times.

    • Generally, front desk staff should use the Available Times Only choice selected, unless an advisor has specifically told the staff member that he/she will be accepting appointments on a day/time that he/she is normally not available.
    • Switching to Unlock Non-Available Times allows front desk staff to schedule appointments during times outside of an advisors published availability (checkboxes appear in white time slots).
    • Switching to Unlock Times With Conflicts fully unlocks the calendar, which allows front desk staff to schedule appointments at any time, including over other scheduled events (double booking) (checkboxes appear in every time slot).


  12. What is the purpose of the Reload button?  When should I use it?

    The web interface of the system does not always automatically refresh, so if an advisor or a student has made an appointment while the Advising Center Mode is open on the screen of a front desk staff member, it may not be reflected until the system is refreshed.  Clicking this button refreshes the screen.  It is a good practice to always click this button before attempting to schedule an appointment to insure up-to-date availability.


  13. How do I use Advising Center Mode to check in a student who has arrived for a previously-scheduled appointment?
    • Search for the student by entering his/her CWID or name into the search field and clicking your Enter key.  The student's appointment will appear to the right of the search field.
    • Click the Check In button.
    • If you know the exact appointment time, you can also click the Appointment link within the Availability calendar for the advisor.  This will open a window containing a Check In Appointment button.


  14. Is it possible to remove the check in of a student for a previously-scheduled appointment if he/she leaves the center before seeing an advisor?

    Yes, a check in can be reverted by searching for the student in the search field.  The student's appointment will appear to the right of the search field.  Select the Remove option from the Actions menu.


  15. Is it possible to check in a student who has shown up late for a previously-scheduled appointment?

    Yes, the same procedure for a regular check in listed above can be followed, so long it is still the same day.


  16. How do I check in a student for a walk-in appointment?
    • Search for the student by entering the CWID or his/her name in the search field.
    • Advisors with current walk-in availability will have a +queue button next to their names in the list on the left. Click the button next to an advisor to add the student to that advisor's walk-in queue.  A First Available option can also be selected to enter the student in the queues of all available advisors.


  17. Is it possible to remove a student from a walk-in appointment waiting list queue?

    Yes, a student can be removed from a walk-in queue from the Advisor Waiting Lists sub-tab.  Simply find the advisor queue into which the student was checked in, select the checkbox next to the student's name, and then select the Remove option from the Actions menu.


  18. Is it possible to change the priority of a student in a queue?

    Yes, to either the top or the bottom of the queue.  A student lower in a queue can have his/her priority promoted so to first in the list from the Advisor Waiting Lists sub-tab.  Simply click the checkbox next to the student's name in the list and then select the Move to Top option from the Actions menu.  Dropping a student down the list is only available by removing the student from the queue and then re-checking him/her in (which will put the student at the bottom of the list).  Moving a student to a location other than the top or bottom of a list is not possible.


  19. How do I schedule an appointment using Advising Center Mode (beginning to end of the process)?
    • Search for the student by entering the CWID or his/her name in the search field and click on the student's name when it appears to load his/her personal data.
    • Select the date on which the appointment is to be scheduled.  Please note, only one day will display at a time, so if you need to search through multiple dates, selecting fewer advisors by clicking the check boxes next to their names can speed up the search.
    • Adjust the start time of the appointment using the sliding bar, if needed.
    • Select one of the available appointment times by clicking the checkbox in a green space.
    • The Create and Advisor Appointment form will appear.  Make sure the correct student, advisor, and date/time appear at the top of the form.  Enter any relevant comments to the advisor.
    • Click the Save Appointment button to schedule the appointment.


  20. Is it possible to create an appointment for a student who is not currently enrolled (e.g., a new or prospective student)?
    Yes, it is possible.  Simply follow the steps listed above, but do not select a student.  If the search field is empty, when you click a particular appointment time, the Create and Advisor Appointment form will indicate "No student selected."  You should then include the student's name, contact, and other relevant information within the "Comments" field prior to saving the appointment so that it is available to the advisor.  The appointment will then be placed on the advisor's calendar.  Please note that the student will not receive a confirmation email, nor will the appointment be filed.  Only after a student has been enrolled is a profile for the student created within the STAR System.