Oklahoma State University

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

  1. How do I send an email to my professor(s)?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab.
    • Check the box(es) next to the professor(s) of the course(s) to which you wish to send an email.
    • Select Send Message to Professor from the "Actions" menu.


  2. How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Click the blue Get Advising button.
    • You will see the "Schedule Advising Appointment" screen.  Select the service category (typically "Meet with my Advisor").
    • Then select the appropriate option (typically "Advising Appointment").
    • Then click "Next."
    • Then select your advisor's office location
    • Then select your advisor's name.
    • Then click "Next."
    • Click one of the blue boxes to view available appointment times.  Note:  you may need to use the blue arrow buttons at the top to scroll to future weeks in order to find an available date and time.
    • Once you've selected an available day, select the appointment start time you desire (a selected item will be highlighted in blue).
    • Then click "Next."
    • Enter any comments/info you need to share with your advisor in the comments box.
    • Click the "Confirm Appointment" button to book the appointment.
    • You will receive a confirmation email that will include the appointment information after a correct submission.


  3. Where do I direct my questions about the STAR System/GradesFirst Application?
    • Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  4. How do I see a listing of my courses for current semester?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab
    • In the Classes This Term section, all of your courses for the current semester will be displayed.


  5. How do I see my previous semester courses and details?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab.
    • Select the previous semester in the Term pull-down menu in the right top corner.


  6. How do I update/reset my password to access the STAR System?
    • All password updating/resetting can ONLY be done through the O-Key System.
    • It is important to note that any password changes made in the STAR System will not be saved, nor will they be carried over to your password settings in your O-Key account.


  7. How do I reset my O-Key username and password?

    Visit O-Key Account Services website or contact the OSU Helpdesk at 744-HELP for assistance.


  8. How do I read an unread message sent to me from an advisor or professor within the STAR System?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • At the top left of the page you will see the Notification Bar (the picture of a gray envelope).
    • If you have any unread emails, a small red number marker is presented over the envelope icon. Click on that envelope to read the message(s).
    • You can also view those same message(s) directly by clicking on the "Conversations" tab (white envelope on the left).


  9. What information does the "Reports" sub-tab provide?

    This sub-tab will allow you to view any Progress Reports/Academic Alerts submitted by your professors or Advisor notes and files shared with you by your advisor(s).


  10. What is the function of the "Calendar" tab in the STAR System?

    The Calendar tab in the STAR System allows you to view your class schedule and any scheduled appointments.


  11. What does the "Conversations" tab do?

    This link and tab allow you to view all email conversations you have had with your professors, academic advisors, and counselors through the STAR System.


  12. I received an email with a "Schedule an Advisor Appointment" link from my advisor, but the link in the email is not working.  What do I do?
    • If the "Schedule an Advisor Appointment link is not working," please copy the URL within the email and paste it in your browser's location bar, as some email systems do not allow active links.  You may also need to try using a different web browser.
    • If the link has expired, you also can schedule an appointment with your advisor by logging into the STAR System directly and clicking the "Get Advising" button.


  13. How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment I made previously?
    • Students now have the ability to cancel previously-scheduled appointments made with their advisor.
    • Please note that, should you need to reschedule, you must contact your advisor directly.
    • After you cancel, you may schedule a new appointment on a new day/time, and you will be limited by your advisor’s current availability.
    • To cancel an appointment, simply follow the steps listed below.
    • Step 1: After you log in to the STAR System, click the “Calendar” tab and locate the appointment you would like to cancel.  Note, the appointment may also appear on your Home tab in the "Upcoming Appointments" section at the right
    • Step 2: Click on the appointment.  The "Manage Appointment" box will appear.
    • Step 3: Click on the “Cancel My Attendance” button in the bottom left corner. This will reveal the “Cancel Appointment” window.
    • Step 4: Select the “Student Cancellation – Describe Reason for Cancelling:” option as the “Reason.”
    • Step 5: Enter your reason(s)/explanation as to why you are cancelling the appointment.
    • Step 6: Click “Mark as Cancelled” to complete the cancellation.  You will then receive a confirmation email indicating the appointment was cancelled.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! You CANNOT “un-cancel” an appointment!  Once an appointment is cancelled, you will have to schedule a new appointment by visiting the "Get Advising" button.  You will be limited to your advisor’s current available times.