Oklahoma State University

Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors


  1. How do I access the system?
    • Visit http://star.okstate.edu/ or, from within the OSU Portal (https://my.okstate.edu/) click the "Star System" icon on the Home tab.
    • Click the "STAR SYSTEM LOG IN" button on the STAR System home page.
    • Enter your O-Key username and password.


  2. How do I reset my O-Key username and/or password?

    Visit the O-Key Account Services website (access link to the left) or contact the OSU Helpdesk at 744-HELP.


  3. Where do I direct my questions about the STAR System application?

    For application assistance, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  4. How do I check my courses for the current semester?
    • Log in to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab (house icon on the left).
    • Make sure the current semester is selected in the pull-down menu in the top right corner.
    • In the Class Listing section, all courses for which you are listed as an instructor of record are displayed.


  5. How do I check previous semester courses and details?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab.
    • Select the previous semester in the pull-down menu in the right top corner.


  6. How Do I submit a Progress Report/Academic Alert on a student?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab (house icon on the left).
    • In the Class Listing section, click on the Progress Reports link next to the course section in which the student on whom you wish to complete a report is enrolled.
    • Click the checkbox next to the name of the student.
    • Click the Actions pull-down menu and select Create a New Progress Report to open the form.
    • On the form, select Yes to submit an alert or No to report good progress.
    • For alerts, select the appropriate Alert Reasons and enter absences if appropriate.
    • Enter comments you would like to share with the student and his/her advisor.
    • Click the Submit Report button.


  7. How do I email individual or groups of students in my classes?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Home tab (house icon on the left).
    • In the Students in Your Classes section (you may need to scroll down if you have lots of sections), click the check boxes next to the name(s) of the student(s) to whom you wish to send the message.
    • Click the Actions pull-down menu and select Send Message to open the message form.
    • Type a subject and message, click the paper clip icon to add any attachments, enter any additional email addresses, and click the Send Message button.
    • Please Note: If a student replies to a message sent from the STAR System, the reply will be directed to your OSU email address.


  8. Is the recipient list on a message I've sent hidden from the recipients?

    Yes. When a group of students are sent an email, the whole group is sent blind carbon copy (BCC), so your students will not see the names or email addresses of any other recipients.


  9. How do I read previous email messages I've sent to students?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to the Conversations tab (envelope icon in the menu on the left).


  10. How do I update/reset my password to access the STAR System?

    All password updating/resetting must be done ONLY through the O-Key System.  Updates made there will be reflected in the STAR System immediately. It is important to note that any password updates made in the STAR System are not saved nor will they be carried over to your password settings in your O-Key account.


  11. How do I setup STAR System Calendar integration with Outlook?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • Go to Calendar tab (calendar icon on the left).
    • Click the Subscriptions sub-tab to view the Subscriptions page.
    • Click the Setup Calendar Integration link for directions on how to display your STAR calendar within Outlook, and/or click the Setup Free/Busy Integration link for directions on how to add your Outlook calendar into the STAR System.


  12. How do I read an unread message sent to me from a student within the STAR System?
    • Login to the STAR System.
    • At the top left of the page you will see the Notification Bar, which includes a small gray envelope icon.
    • If you have any unread emails, a small red circle will appear over the envelope icon. Clicking on that envelope icon will display a list of unread messages.  You can also view those same messages directly by clicking the "Conversations" tab.