Oklahoma State University

Frequently Asked Questions for Advisors


  1. How do I log in to the STAR System?
    • Visit http://star.okstate.edu/ or, from within the OSU Portal (https://my.okstate.edu/), click the "Star System" icon on the Home tab.
    • Click the "STAR SYSTEM LOG IN" button on the STAR System homepage.
    • Enter your O-Key username and password.


  2. How do I view the list of students who have me assigned as their advisor?

    Your assigned students will appear under the My Assigned Students section on your Home tab.  This list updates based on the semester selected in the pull-down menu at the top right (i.e., only students enrolled in that semester will appear in your list).


  3. What if a student is enrolled in the selected semester but does not appear in "My Assigned Students" list?


  4. How do I switch between various academic terms?
    • At the top right of the page, the current academic term is displayed in a pull-down menu.  For example:  "Fall 2016."
    • Use the menu to select the academic term you would like to view.


  5. Where can I check my upcoming appointments?

    A quick view of your next 5 upcoming appointments will be displayed in the Upcoming Appointments panel on the right side of your Home tab.  Additional appointments can be viewed by clicking your Upcoming Appointments sub-tab (also on the Home tab) or by clicking on your Calendar tab.


  6. Where can I manage the advisor reports for my most recent appointments?
    • At the bottom of the Home tab is the Advisor Reporting section.  Click on the Recent Advisor Appointments sub-tab to display a list of your most recent advising appointments.  If an advising report has not been filed for a recent appointment, you can select the checkbox next to that appointment and select the Add Advising Report option from the Actions menu complete the report.  Clicking the Report Details link will allow you to view and/or edit previously filed reports.
    • No-shows can also be marked for appointments where a student failed to show using this report as well.


  7. Where can I see my list of completed advisor reports?

    The most recent list of completed advisor reports can be seen by clicking on the "Recent Reports You Created" tab under "Advisor Reporting" section at the bottom of the Home Tab.  For older advisor reports, you will need to access the student's profile (search for the student, click on his/her name, then select the "Appointments" sub-tab), making sure you have first selected the appropriate Term in which you wrote the advising report.


  8. Is there an option to send messages to students?

    Yes, you can email your assigned students as well as non-advisees.  To email your students, simply click the checkbox(es) next to them from within your My Assigned Students section and click Send Message from the Actions menu.  To email any students (not just those assigned to you), first search for the students (using the Advanced Search tab (magnifying glass icon), select them, and then click Send Message from the Actions menu.  Please note that the system does not save email signatures.


  9. Can I schedule appointments for students with other advisors?

    Yes, provided the advisor has set his/her availability and has an open appointment time.  However, many advisors have specific appointment preferences, so it is best to have the student schedule his/her own appointment or contact the advisor directly prior to scheduling the appointment. To schedule an appointment for a student yourself, search for the student, choose Schedule Appointment and in the resulting Schedule Appointment screen select Advising Appointment as the "Type" of appointment, and then select the appropriate advisor under the Select An Advisor panel.  You can then select amongst available times based on the student and other advisor's schedules.  If you are not planning on also attending the appointment, make sure you are not included in the People Attending list by clicking the "X" link after your name.  Please be sure the respect any times marked as having "Conflicts" as you do have the ability to double-book other advisors.


  10. I sit in an advising center with a front desk receptionist.  What notification options are available for me when a student checks in for an appointment?

    Currently, the notification options available are "Ding" and "E-mail" on the Advising Center sub-tab. A "Ding" is a pop-up message that will appear in your browser window if you are logged into the STAR System.  You can also choose to receive an email every time a student checks in. Currently, the "Text Message" option is disabled.


  11. How do I open an advising report for a scheduled or walk-in appointment?
    • For advisors who are located in an advising center, you should monitor your Advising Center sub-tab, which will indicate when your appointments have checked in at the front desk of your advising center.  Once they do (and you are ready to begin the appointment) click the checkbox next to the student's name and then select Start Appointment from the Actions menu.  Scheduled appointments will appear in the Students Who Have Checked In For Their Appointments list, while walk-ins will appear in the Students In My Queue list.
    • For advisors who are not located in an advising center, you can access your reports for scheduled appointments from the Advisor Reporting section that appears at the bottom of your Home Tab (each scheduled appointment will appear there and will have an option to add a report in the Actions menu).  For walk-in students, you can search for the student (or find him/her in your My Assigned Students list) and then select Advising Report from the Actions menu to create a walk-in advising report.

  12. Do all advisors have access to all advising reports for all students?  What about access to notes?  What about students?  Do they have access to advising reports or notes?

    Yes, any advisor can access the advising report of any student.  As a "report," the information is designed to be shared with other advisors.  Advisors can also access any note that has not been marked as private in order the share additional information or files.  Private information or files should be entered in a Note and be marked as private by selecting the AdvisorName Only checkbox in the Visibility section.  Students do not have access to advising reports or notes, however an advisor can grant a student access to a note if the advisor selects the checkbox next to the student's name in the Visibility section when writing the note.  The default setting, however, does not provide the student access.  It must be selected (the same is true for making a note private--the option must be selected).  Both options can be selected at the same time, making the note private to only the advisor who wrote it and the student about whom it was written.


  13. Is there a way I can indicate certain students belong to certain special populations (e.g., to an honor society that I advise) so that I can search for them at a later time?
    • Yes, "Tags" are a way to make such indications and can be applied from both the Advanced Search tab (magnifying glass icon) and the My Assigned Students sub-tab under the Actions menu.
    • Please be aware that all advisors at OSU can view, apply, and search by tags, so all tags should be appropriate.
    • It is requested that all new tags be submitted to an advisor administrator for approval and should indicate the college or center that created the tag.


  14. How do I add a tag to a student or several students?
    • Search for the students you want to tag and select the check box next to their names (this can be done most easily from the Advanced Search tab (magnifying glass icon).
    • Select Tag from the Actions menu and select the tag you want to add from the pull-down list.  For new tags, enter the text for the new tag, then press "Enter" on your keyboard to create the tag, then select it from the list.
    • Click the Save Tag button.
    • If you need to "Mass Tag" a large group of students, contact an advisor administrator.  You will need to provide the advisor administrator with the name of the tag as well as the CWIDs of the students you would like to mass tag.


  15. How can I view students who have been tagged with a particular tag?
    • You can search for all students who have a particular tag from the Advanced Search tab.


  16. How do I create a note?
    • From a list of students , check the box next to the name of the student for whom the note should be created and click Note from the Actions menu.  You can also search for a student, click on his/her name to enter the student's profile page, and use the Add a Note link on the right side of the profile.
    • A new window opens where the required note can be entered and any number of files can be attached using the Attach File option.
    • Be sure to select the appropriate permissions and settings for the note.
    • Click Save Note to have it entered into the student's file.

  17. How do I set up my available office hours (i.e., times when I am willing to accept appointments)?


  18. How do I set the number of hours in advance that a student can schedule an appointment (e.g., how can I disallow same day appointments)?
    • Click on the My Availability sub-tab on your Home tab.
    • Click the Edit Appointment Constraints link that appears just below the sub-tabs.
    • Enter the Hours in advance in the text box.  The number you enter specifies the hours in advance that the student must schedule the appointment.  Entering 12 or 24 will force a student to select an appointment time that is at least 12 or 24 hours after the time they log in to make the appointment.
    • Click Update Constraints.


  19. How do I set the default length of an appointment that a student can make?
    • Click on the My Availability sub-tab on your Home tab.
    • Click the Edit Appointment Constraints link that appears just below the sub-tabs.
    • Select the appointment length from the Default Appointment Length pull-down menu.
    • If this field is left blank, the default value will be 30 minutes, but you may select 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.
    • Click Update Constraints.


  20. I sit in an advising center.  Where can I see my list of students who have checked in for an appointment?

    On your Home tab, select the Advising Center sub-tab.  The first list displays Students Who Have Checked In For Their Appointments. The second list, Students In My Queue, shows students who have walked-in for an appointment and checked in at your office's front desk.


  21. Is there a way to look at students who are in the walk-in queue for other advisors?

    Yes, this list can be seen under the Students in Queue for Other Advisors section on your Advising Center sub-tab.  You also have the power to start an appointment with a student in another advisor's queue right from here (say if that advisor has just asked you for help with his/her walk-in list).


  22. Can I change the date and/or time of an appointment that is on my calendar?

    Yes, an appointment can be modified from your calendar by locating and clicking on the appointment itself.  A pop-up window will open allowing you to manage the appointment.  Selecting Edit link will open up the scheduling application, allowing you to change the date, time, and/or any other settings.  After clicking Save Appointment, emails will be sent to all participants informing them of the changes.  You can also change the date/time by dragging and dropping a particular appointment from the current date/time to a new desired date/time on the calendar itself. A confirmation email with the updated date and time will be sent 5 minutes after the change is made to all participants.


  23. How do I generate reports?

    The Reports tab (sheet of paper icon) offers a number of reports that allow you to search for data on one or more students.  Simply select a report to begin your search for students.  Returned data will appear below the report, and clicking on the Export to Excel link will generate an excel file containing the data.  A copy of the excel file will be saved (for 30 days) in your Download Center for Reports,which can be accessed from the Quick Links box on your Home tab.


  24. Is it possible to select multiple academic advisors, categories, and/or majors while performing an advanced search?

    Yes, multiple options can be selected by selecting one option within a field, then clicking within the field and selecting the next option.  Categories, Tags, and Majors also have OR, AND, and NOT searching options, which are displayed by clicking the plus (+) icon next to each search field.   Please note that making entries in multiple search fields will reduce the results returned.  For example, selecting a major and a category will return only those students who have declared that major and are a member of that category (such as all English majors on Academic Notice).


  25. How do I mark an appointment as cancelled?

Advisors and students have the ability to cancel previously-scheduled appointments and have the system track those cancellations (rather than simply deleting an appointment and having all record of it disappear).  Whenever a user cancels an appointment using the system, all attendees (typically the advisor and the student) receive an email informing them of the cancellation.  The advisor’s calendar will display a record of the cancelled appointment, and the appointment time slot will immediately be opened for another student to schedule an appointment for that time should it be within the advisor’s open window of availability.  As an advisor, to cancel an appointment, simply follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Visit your Upcoming Appointments sub-tab on your Home tab and locate the appointment you would like to cancel.  Click the checkbox next to the appointment and select Cancel Appointment from the Actions menu.

Step 2: Select Entire Appointment in the Cancel Appointment For section.

Step 3: Select Advisor Cancellation - Enter Message for Student as the Reason.

Step 4: Enter a message to the student concerning the cancellation in the Comments section.

Step 5: Click on the Cancel Appointment button.