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Request STAR System Access

  • Advisor-level access to OSU's STAR System (STAR) requires a new user to complete and submit the STAR System Access Request Form (available at the link below).  Prior to submitting the form, a new user must have completed  University-sponsored FERPA training (available online on the OSU Registrar's website under the FERPA and Privacy link) and have been granted comparable access to OSU's Student Information System (Banner).  To request Banner access, please visit the Banner Access Request website.
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  • STAR System Access Request Form

  • Completed STAR System Access Request forms should be faxed to 405-744-8203 or emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Frequently Asked Questions for Advisors

  1. How do I log in to the STAR System?
  2. How do I view the list of students who have me assigned as their advisor?
  3. What if a student is enrolled in the selected semester but does not appear in "My Assigned Students" list?
  4. How do I switch between various academic terms?
  5. Where can I check my upcoming appointments?
  6. Where can I manage the advisor reports for my most recent appointments?
  7. Where can I see my list of completed advisor reports?
  8. Is there an option to send messages to students?
  9. Can I schedule appointments for students with other advisors?
  10. I sit in an advising center with a front desk receptionist.  What notification options are available for me when a student checks in for an appointment?
  11. How do I open an advising report for a scheduled or walk-in appointment?
  12. Do all advisors have access to all advising reports for all students?  What about access to notes?  What about students?  Do they have access to advising reports or notes?
  13. Is there a way to indicate certain students belong to certain special populations (e.g., to an honor society that I advise) so that I can search for them at a later time?
  14. How do I add a tag to a student or several students?
  15. How can I view students who have been tagged with a particular tag?
  16. How do I create a note?
  17. How do I set up my available office hours (i.e., times when I am willing to accept appointments?
  18. How do I set the number of hours in advance that a student can schedule an appointment (e.g., how can I disallow same day appointments)?
  19. How do I set the default length of an appointment that a student can make?
  20. I sit in an advising center.  Where can I see my list of students who have checked in for an appointment?
  21. Is there a way to look at students who are in the walk-in queue for other advisors?
  22. Can I change the date and/or time of an appointment that is on my calendar?
  23. How do I generate reports?
  24. Is it possible to select multiple academic advisors, categories, and/or majors while performing an advanced search?
  25. How do I mark an appointment as cancelled?


Frequently Asked Questions for Advising Center Mode

  1. How do I to log into the STAR System?
  2. Do advisors have access to the Advising Center Mode by default?
  3. How do I set up Advising Center Mode for a particular location?
  4. Is it possible to view the calendars of all the advisors in my center in Advising Center Mode?
  5. What is the best way to search for a student while in Advising Center Mode?
  6. In which format should a name be entered in the student search when it is used as the search criteria?
  7. How do I view the calendars of all advisors in my center at the same time while in Advising Center Mode?
  8. How do I view the calendar(s) of just one or more advisors at a time?
  9. What do the different colors mean within the Availability of one or more advisors on a particular day?
  10. Is it possible to adjust the range of time displayed in the availability of an advisor for a particular day?
  11. What do the different calendar options mean?
  12. What is the purpose of the Reload button?  When should I use it?
  13. How do I use Advising Center Mode to check in a student for a previously-scheduled appointment?
  14. Is it possible to remove the check in of a student for a previously-scheduled appointment if he/she leaves the center before seeing an advisor?
  15. Is it possible to check in a student who has shown up late for a previously-scheduled appointment?
  16. How do I check in a student for a walk-in appointment?
  17. Is it possible to remove a student from the walk-in appointment waiting list queue?
  18. Is it possible to change the priority of a student in a queue?
  19. How do I schedule an appointment using Advising Center Mode (beginning to end of the process)?
  20. Is it possible to create an appointment for a student who is not currently enrolled (e.g., a new or prospective student)?